The Cohen’s New Addition

June 12, 2012 BY CJ Isaac

We are so excited for Katie and Scott as they welcome baby Thomas into their home! Shooting this session was a blast, and the whole family was in great spirits throughout the day. No doubt having a newborn can be crazy (and exhausting!), but the Cohen’s seem to handle it all with love and grace! Katie even continues her work as an amazing multi-talented invitation and paper goods designer! It was a pleasure to capture this special time for such a sweet family. Congratulations Katie and Scott! We are so happy for you!

One Response to The Cohen’s New Addition

  1. Anni Bruno says:

    I didn’t even know this was happening!!!!! I am SO out of the loop! Congrats Katie, you look gorgeous. And lovely photography as always, ladies!!!! This post gets a giant “whoo-hooo” from me. :)

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