Paper Party

July 24, 2013 BY Leigh Anna

Earlier this summer we had the pleasure of participating in a really fun event hosted by Lion in the Sun at their Park Slope location. Viva Max did a great job gathering us all together and planning the event. Every guest was given the opportunity to plan a wedding in 7 words. Our goal was to help couples narrow down their ideas and really focus on the core of what they wanted their wedding to be. Viva had tons of descriptive words printed out on paper, so that the couples could pick out their own words and chat with us about how those words might translate to their wedding. It was a really fun evening and I am so glad I was able to capture it!

These amazing invitations from Lion in the Sun were the inspiration behind Michelle Edgemont‘s amazing table decor and garland!

If you are looking for invitations, Lion in the Sun has everything you could ever want!

I am in LOVE with the spray painted ferns…what a great idea!

The cake pops from Haute So Sweet were the best cake pops I have ever had!!

Makeup Artist Sharon Becker was working her magic! I loved the inspiration illustrations she brought with her!

Jack from Brooklyn was serving up cocktails made from his oh-so-sweet Sorel. Seriously folks, that stuff is so good!

Jarrell Entertainment kept us going all night!

We had such a great time! Thanks everyone for making this event a success!!

Venue & Stationary Lion In the Sun
Planning Viva Max Weddings
Designer Michelle Edgmont
Photographer Moss + Isaac
Treats Haute So Sweet
Liquortarian Jack From Brooklyn
Make-up Artist SB Beauty
DJ Jarrell Entertainment

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