Boudoir Photography: New York

April 25, 2011 BY Leigh Anna

Christina came to us wanting some romantic, intimate photos of herself to give to her boyfriend as a gift but she was very nervous. She is thin and petite, and very aware of this fact. We approached this by concentrating more on her hair and facial expressions instead of other areas that she was self-conscious of. She is such a beautiful girl and I really love some of the attitude she gives us in this shoot…and I am sure her boyfriend liked his gift very much. Isn’t she gorgeous?

With any boudoir shoot, we try really hard to capture what the woman loves about herself, whether it be her smile, her lips, her nose, her legs, her chest. This is so important because if our client doesn’t love the photos, then she is not going to be comfortable showing them to anyone. In this shoot, had we focused on the areas that Christina was uncomfortable with, then she would have never been happy and confident with the outcome. With boudoir, it’s not about how much skin you show or don’t show, it’s about how confident you come across on camera. Confidence is ALWAYS sexy.