The Reetz Family Welcomes Baby Oliver

May 6, 2011 BY CJ Isaac

Last weekend I I had the opportunity to go visit my good friends The Reetz’ in Baltimore since they just had their second boy, Oliver James. He was 4 days old when I saw him, and he is beautiful! Naomi and I used to work together in my former life when I was a graphic designer, and we have just stayed in touch ever since. So when Oliver was born last week, I hopped on the first bus to go meet the precious little guy and visit big brother Noah. It was a fantastic weekend, and now I am sort of stuck with baby fever. I really absolutely adore kids and spending the weekend with two wonderful little boys is a perfect way to spend the weekend. Here are some of my favorites from Oliver’s first few days of life.

Welcome to the world Oliver James!

The Madden Family

March 2, 2011 BY CJ Isaac

Wiley was born right before Thanksgiving and I have never been so excited to meet him. Leighann and I grew up together, we went through high school together, and I was there beside her on her wedding day. So when she announced she was having a baby last year, I felt like I was going to be an Aunt. She was the first one of my high school group of girlfriends to have a baby, so Wiley is extra special. I had the opportunity to see him just a few hours after he was born, and my heart just melted. It was so great to see him because I literally left 24 hours after his birth to head back to NY. However, when I went back home for Christmas, I got a few extra shots of sweet Wiley when he was just a few weeks old. He has such precious expressions and the most adorable smiles. These are a few of my favorites.

A few hours after he was born.

And this is me holding him for the first time.

These are a few of my favorites from when Wiley was just 3 weeks old.

That smile is priceless. Welcome to the world Wiley! It’s so wonderful to have you here.

Lucas: New York Newborn Photography

February 16, 2011 BY Leigh Anna

Are you ready for all this cuteness? Little Lucas was just 10 days old when we met. He was such a well behaved baby, I don’t think he even started to cry the entire shoot. But, as you can see, I think we finally wore him out. What a little trooper! Want to see more? Click here to view the slideshow.

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